Chris Paul excited to team with Golden State Warriors core

The NBA season is right around the corner. In roughly two months’ time, we will finally see Chris Paul in a Golden State Warriors uniform. Since Mike Dunleavy swung a trade to acquire the veteran point guard, the primary conversation has been in relation to Paul’s rocky relationship with the franchise throughout his career.

It would appear Paul isn’t worried about his history with the Warriors. According to Golden State’s recent addition, who was speaking during an interview with ESPN, he’s excited to get to work with his new teammates and is excited about teaming up with Golden State’s historic core.

“I’m excited about Steph, Draymond, Klay, all the different guys, Wigs,” Paul said. “I’m excited for us to get together and see what it looks like. It’s just crazy how life works. But when it comes to basketball, I’m probably closest to my happiest. I’m obviously happiest when I’m with my family, but basketball is my safe haven; it’s been that way for a long time.”

With Paul in the Warriors’ rotation, Golden State will believe it finally has the secondary guard it has been missing. Whenever Steph Curry has gone to the bench in recent seasons, Golden State’s offense has stagnated. As such, Paul’s presence will have a galvanizing effect on his new team, especially when he’s running with the second unit.

Paul also comes to the Warriors with a reputation for elevating the teams he plays for — something Klay Thompson discussed during an appearance on Paul George’s podcast.

“I mean, we’re lucky,” Thompson said. “He’s one of the greatest players ever. He’s top 75. He’s elevated every franchise he’s ran the point for. As a shooter, I’m excited. I just know CP’s gonna put it right here, on the seams, he’s gonna set me up nice, imma get a couple of extra easy buckets every night. And he’s a winner. I’ve played against him so many times, you see how competitive he is. He’ll do anything to win. That’s the vibe we want.”

Now that Paul is with the Warriors, fans hope he can elevate them back to a championship level during the season.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire