Chris Paul does not like the Deron Williams trade

Since they entered the league six years ago, Deron Williams(notes) and Chris Paul(notes) have been joined at the hip as the NBA's Next Great Point Guards. They reached that level several years ago, at which point the narrative shifted to deciding which was the best point guard in the league and which was more of a winner. That discussion has been rendered somewhat moot this season with the emergence of Derrick Rose(notes), but the fact remains that Williams and Paul have been compared forever (i.e. six years).

As such, they have a bond and respect each other. So it should come as little surprise that Paul thinks the Jazz made a bad move in trading Deron to New Jersey.

If you find it a little weird that CP3 is tweeting at Deron's personal assistant and not the man himself, please note that Williams is not on Twitter. Which, on a day like today, might be for the best.

It's easy to see why Paul might feel bad about this deal apart from the specifics of the swap. The Hornets and Jazz play in the same division and have had a strong rivalry due to the Williams/Paul debate. That bond is partially broken now that Williams is in the East. Things may never be the same again.

But don't fret, Chris. When you go to the Knicks in a year, you can rekindle your relationship in no time.

(Via Eye on Basketball)

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