Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Blake Griffin throw out a first pitch in Taiwan, get confused

NBA superstars are used to feeling at home in virtually any sports arena. While contemporary standards dictate that a top-level athlete choose a sport to focus on as a teenager, these young men are talented enough to have succeeded at games other than basketball, even if only in Little League. Plus, on a basic level, these guys are used to doing things in front of giant, adoring crowds.

It takes a lot to make them look awkward, but that's exactly what happened to Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Blake Griffin during a recent Nike-centric trip to Asia. At a baseball game in Taiwan, the trio was tasked with throwing a joint first pitch. Yet, instead of each hurler letting go of their pitch at roughly the first time, they were hopelessly confused by the MC's countdown. After what appears to be a practice motion for a photo, none of the players throws right away, with Los Angeles Clippers teammates Paul and Griffin eventually letting go of their pitches. Anthony, who has regularly claimed that baseball was his first favorite sport, apparently decided it would be a better idea to wait and throw his pitch later, presumably to grab more attention. The whole thing comes across as something akin to an Abbott and Costello routine communicated through interpretive dance.

No one pulls a John Wall and embarrasses himself with the pitch itself, but this is no player's finest moment. In short, I cannot wait to watch these three play basketball again, because even their worst games look a lot smoother than this ordeal.

(Video via TBJ)

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