Chris Paul, Blake Griffin celebrate Clippers rise on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

They might not be riding quite as high as they were during their recent 17-game winning streak, but the Los Angeles Clippers have bounced back from a pair of 2013-opening losses to win three straight games, still sport the league's best record and look like one of the favorites to take home this year's O'Brien Trophy. With their 28-8 record — and, of course, the Los Angeles Lakers' continuing struggles — making them the toast of Tinseltown, Clippers stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin paid a visit to ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night, chatting about their successful start to the season, CP3's son liking Blake more than his dad and more.

The first part of the interview's below; hit the jump for Part 2.

After an introduction crediting their rise to the top of the NBA to "a pact with the Devil," Kimmel brought out Paul and Griffin — each wearing a jaunty oversized pocket silk, which felt like a pretty good joke before they'd even said anything — and discussed the Clips' 107-102 win over the Lakers last Friday, asking if the Clippers stars take any extra pleasure in beating their fellow Staples Center tenants.

Griffin immediately turned right to look at his point guard, who hesitated a second, smirked and glanced back at the big man.

"It's just another game on our schedule," Griffin said with a smile, eliciting laughs from the studio audience and skepticism from the host.

"I don't believe that for one second," Kimmel replied.

Kimmel also asked the two likely All-Star starters about the Clippers' ongoing #GotEm meme, a practice the team started last year in which L.A. players pose over sleeping teammates, coaches, announcers and other personnel on team planes and buses, snap photos and post them on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag "#GotEm." Paul carried #GotEm over to Team USA this summer, and it's all over the league now; even Twitter newbie and crosstown rival Kobe Bryant has gotten into the act.

The host featured several #GotEm shots of Paul himself conked out, asking the 27-year-old point man what he was doing in each shot.

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In a photo with Griffin pointing at CP3, whose hand appeared to be down his pants: "I was just reading, actually."

In a photo of Grant Hill pointing at CP3, whose head is tilted back with his mouth wide open: "I was singing."

In a photo of DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler mugging over an unconscious CP3's shoulders: "I was praying, just before we took off."

Both Griffin and Paul acquitted themselves well, proving to be affable interviewees comfortable rolling with Kimmel's sensibility ... even when the host asked about owner Donald Sterling's recent surprise visit to the locker room to lead the Clippers in an impromptu cheer.

"When an elderly white man comes down into your locker room and gets you to try to say 'hip, hip, hooray,' do you go along with it and say, 'Hip, hip, hooray?'" Kimmel asked.

"Well, he writes the checks to us," Griffin replied. "So we do. We do."

"And a great man is he," Paul added.

Well, reasonable people can differ on that, but I like the timing and teamwork, guys. You've got a real natural double act working there; if the Clips make a deep playoff run this year, we might get to see more of it in late night, too.

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