Is Chris Paul a better player than Allen Iverson?

Chris Paul will enter his 20th NBA season later this year. However, he is unlikely to be wearing a Golden State Warriors uniform when doing so. The final year of his $30 million contract is non-guaranteed. As such, the Warriors are expected to either trade or waive the veteran point guard. Not because he isn’t talented but because the franchise is looking to duck under the luxury tax.

Paul will undoubtedly have a significant market if he becomes a free agent. Even at 39 years old, he remains one of the best playmaking guards in the league. However, his elite defense has begun to wane as his initial burst leaves him.

Nevertheless, being this good so late in his career proves how elite Paul was in his prime. In a recent “Club 520 Podcast” episode, former NBA guard Jeff Teague shared his belief that Paul is a better player than Allen Iverson.

Iverson’s impact on the game and culture of basketball is unquestionable. However, his talent compared to Paul’s is a fair debate.

You can watch the full episode by clicking on the embedded link above.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire