Chris Mullin is in the Hall of Fame

Chris Mullin has been voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The announcement came through Monday.

Though a generation's worth of basketball fans might remember Mullin as a too-often injured part of those Golden State Warrior teams that never moved over the top and into playoff prominence, it should be pointed out that Mullin's entire basketball resume; (including both college and international play) allows for a smooth HoF induction. The guy could ball. He may have kept with the box top fade for a little too long, but when you can shoot like that? You're allowed to have any haircut you want.

Nike thought so. Such was the impetus behind this famous ad:

For further documentation of the man's legend, seek out Kblaze's typically fantastic mix on Mullin's career (though you'll have to provide your own soundtrack because the music has been silenced by a certain publishing company). Earth, Wind and Fire has the soundtrack to this Mullin mix, and an international hip-hopper runs this must-watch Mullin compilation.

Congrats, Mully.

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