Chris Jones replies "Week 8" when asked how long he'd hold out

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones has been racking up daily fines of $50,000 since the start of training camp and he indicated on social media that he's willing to rack up a lot more of them.

Jones posted a picture of a sign that reads "If it's out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind also" and was asked in reply when he plans to rejoin the team. Jones' reply won't warm many hearts in Kansas City.

"Week 8," Jones wrote.

Another reply noted that would result in "a hefty tab" and Jones would forfeit more than $7.5 million in weekly checks on top of his camp fines if he were to remain out until that point in the season. Jones seemed unbothered by that prospect.

"I can afford it," Jones wrote.

Anything said while jousting on social media should be taken with hefty grains of salt, so it's hardly a guarantee Jones will be out until midseason if he and the Chiefs can't come to agreement on a new contract. The prospect of things playing out that way is likely to cause some concern for those hoping to see the Chiefs win their third title in the last five years.