Chris Jones as a free agent gives rivals a chance to help themselves — and to hurt the Chiefs

Star defensive tackle Chris Jones is only three days away from having the opportunity to entertain firm contract offers from a team other than the Chiefs. The Chiefs' rivals should be lining up to sign him.

It's unclear whether they are. If so, they're keeping their cards close to the vest. The time to play the cards is coming, in only three days.

In the early years of the salary cap, when the Cowboys built a three-in-four-years dynasty, other teams relished the opportunity to break up the Cowboys, one free agent at a time. So with Jones serving as the heart and soul of the Kansas City defense during its three-in-five-years dynasty, shouldn't someone else be frothing at the mouth for the chance to both weaken the Chiefs and help themselves?

From the moment Jim Harbaugh became coach of the Chargers, I pegged L.A. as a potential suitor for Jones. Although the Chargers would have to create plenty of cap space, it can be done — and it would be worth it. Weaken a rival and strengthen yourself. Win, win.

Every AFC West rival should be considering it. The teams that have to deal with the Chiefs in the playoffs should be considering it. The teams that might have to deal with the Chiefs in the Super Bowl also should consider it.

Jones is disruptive. He is, at times, dominant. Without him, the Chiefs are a different defense. Without that defense, the Chiefs are a different team.

Jones seems to want to stay. At this point, he's three days away from finding out what else is out there. Why not wait? Someone might make him an offer he can't refuse. Someone might realize that the clear incidental benefit to boosting their own defense would be to weaken Kansas City's.