Chris Grier, Mike McDaniel rave about Tyreek Hill

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The Dolphins made a bold and brash move in the offseason, trading for Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. And while the folks who made the decision to give up five draft picks and a giant pile of money for Hill have every reason to claim that they nailed it, it’s still interesting to hear what they have to say, fewer than two weeks before his official debut.

“Obviously, the on-the-field stuff, we saw it the other night too, what he can do,” G.M. Chris Grier told reporters on Tuesday. “But it’s behind the scenes which has been even better than we thought. We had heard a lot of good things from people and friends and coaches that we know in Kansas City. But being around here, he’s got an infectious attitude, he’s a competitor, great teammate with the guys. You guys see him out there, and you see him, he’s 100 percent, 100 miles an hour in everything he does and always encouraging people and stuff. So it’s been really fun watching him behind the scenes, take leadership with the team and help guide the guys in terms of pushing everyone to be great.”

That’s fine, but the reality is (as Hill himself has admitted it) that he was unhappy last year with his lack of targets and touches, even though he had a career-high in each category, with 159 and 111, respectively.

“We don’t really concern ourselves with anything but since he’s been here, but one thing I will say is, it was obvious that he recognized the opportunity to where he is — I mean, shoot, he’s been a Pro Bowl player every year of his career and [he] came to a very young team,” coach Mike McDaniel added. “There was an opportunity for him to take his game to another level in terms of leadership and tone-setting and all those things. I’m sure he could feel that his teammates were like, ‘Wow, this is Tyreek Hill.’ When he doesn’t make it an option to go full speed — it is like, if you’re on the field, you’re full speed. It changes the teammates for the better and I think he’s really embracing that. Like Chris said, it’s been really cool. That’s been the most fun part with all of it.”

It’ll be even more fun if Hill is running rings around opposing defenses. It won’t be fun if he thinks he’s not getting the ball enough, and if he starts saying so. Like he did last year.

Enough was said this summer on his It Needed to Be Said podcast to make it clear that Hill’s departure arose at least in part from the fact that, in Kansas City, Hill was second fiddle to Patrick Mahomes. In Miami, Hill is the main man. As long as he’s fed the ball accordingly, everything will be just fine.

If not, things will be just fine in the sense of sipping coffee in a room gradually engulfed in flames.

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