Chris Godwin: Jameis Winston got more blame than he deserved

Josh Alper
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

While Jameis Winston was on his way to throwing 30 interceptions last season, Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians would frequently point out that not all of those turnovers were Winston’s fault.

It’s a view that Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin agrees with. Godwin said that there are times when he and other wideouts have been guilty of running the wrong route, but that Winston takes the hit for the interception.

“I definitely think he got more of the blame than he deserved,” Godwin said during an appearance on The Boardroom. “I think he’s a really, really talented quarterback. Obviously there are things that he does that you can’t teach, and there are some plays that he made that just weren’t smart plays. A lot of the interceptions and mistakes that he made, I would say half of them were because of a bad read on someone else’s part.”

Godwin said the great thing about Winston is that he hasn’t thrown teammates under the bus for such mistakes, but that approach hasn’t helped Winston find another job yet this offseason.

Chris Godwin: Jameis Winston got more blame than he deserved originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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