Chris Cuomo calls out Ted Cruz for tweeting about breast milk during impeachment trial

On Cuomo Prime Time Wednesday, Chris Cuomo called out Republican Senator Ted Cruz for not paying attention during the impeachment trial, and tweeting about breast milk during the proceedings earlier in the day. Cruz retweeted a Washington Examiner article about one hospital in England advising nurses in the maternity ward to use language that may be more friendly to the trans community.

This tweet comes as Cruz is already one of several GOP senators who have been accused of not paying attention during the impeachment trial. Cuomo took issue with this, and the fact that Cruz called the new guidelines at that hospital Orwellian, an allusion to Goerge Orwell’s novel 1984.

“Orwellian? Sir, you are at a trial that you're not even paying attention to, where you are saying that what happened didn't really happen because you don't want to have to deal with the reality. That, my brother, is Orwellian,” Cuomo said. “Breast milk? Why is that on your mind? Focus, Ted. If you got off Trump's teat a little bit, maybe you wouldn't be thinking about breast milk so much. Do your damn job.”