Chris Cooley says Washington should sign Eric Reid immediately

JP Finlay
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Cooley says Washington should sign Eric Reid immediately originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Washington didn't get great safety play in last Sunday's loss to the Giants, and former tight end Chris Cooley thinks the football team should sign free agent Eric Reid. Immediately. 

Asked simply if Washington should sign Reid, Cooley didn't hesitate for a second: "Yep."

Cooley's comments came via The Kevin Sheehan Show and the former Washington Football Team broadcaster said that it's not just because Reid could step in and play right away, but it also helps the depth in the defensive secondary. Since Landon Collins went down with a season-ending injury in Week 7, Washington is relying on Deshazor Everett and rookie Kam Curl to man the safety spots. 

"I'm also thinking about what happens if something happens to Shaz [Everett] or what happens if something happens to Cam Curl," Cooley said. "You're already with a rookie in Curl, a 7th-round pick, who I think is going to improve."

Reid played last year in Carolina for head coach Ron Rivera, who took over in Washington this offseason. Both player and coach speak highly of one another, and Rivera offered Reid a practice squad roster spot during the bye week though he turned that down. 

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Rivera explained he wanted Curl, Everett and Jeremy Reaves to get chances at playing time and to let Reid get himself back into game shape on the practice squad. Reid, an eight-year veteran, said he was ready to go and didn't need time on the practice squad. 

"Where you going to go if something happens? You have to think about the depth of your team as well," Cooley said. "Maybe you're thinking we can sign Eric Reid whenever we want to sign Eric Reid."

Of course the complicating factor in all of this is Reid's outspoken support for Colin Kaepernick and social justice causes, and the lawsuit he filed against the NFL for collusion to keep him out of the league. Perhaps that's not the case in this instance since Rivera signed Reid last season and did offer him a practice squad spot this season.

Regardless, Reid made 130 tackles last year with four sacks. He can play. 

Even at 2-6, Washington remains in contention in the NFC East. Everett and Curl have played some good games together this season, but if an injury pops up or the play suffers, Reid could again become a possibility.