Chris Cooley’s film review of Commanders cornerback Emmanuel Forbes

Former Washington tight end Chris Cooley is again going to conduct a film review of each of the Commanders 2023 draft class.

A guest on the Kevin Sheehan Podcast Wednesday, Cooley began with part one of this film review.

Emmanuel Forbes, CB Mississippi State

“He has unbelievable speed.”

“He is not big, I will tell you that. Is it really that hard to get the dude some Creatine and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Is his metabolism so unbelievably high that they can’t put 15 pounds on him in a year?

“He made a business decision in some of the run-game stuff…He doesn’t have a great block-shed ability. When dudes get their hands on him, he is getting blocked. Now, he does have a good avoid. But I wouldn’t say he is out there yanking dudes around shedding blocks.”

“It only gets harder because it is such a demand for receivers to block in the NFL. And they will, and he is going to get blocked. He is going to have to find a way to get off of these blocks.”

“This is not a deal breaker for me. I would much rather have a guy that can cover than a guy that can shed blocks.”

“You just don’t (easily) get playmakers. It is one of the hardest traits to find in my opinion, especially on defense, and he is one. He has really good instincts. He sees things very well.”

“He jumps throws really well.”

“His off-zone coverage I really like. I think he plays with good hips, good vision on the quarterback, and is able to jump things when the quarterback turns to read or make a throw to the receiver Forbes is working on.”

“There is some potential that he over-commits to things. There is some stuff I would attack him deeper vertically down the field. His recovery speed is pretty good. But he is waiting for a breakpoint at 5 yards, at 10 yards…”

“My last concern with Forbes is that on the turn and run stuff… he gets super handsy. He will potentially get some defensive holding stuff.”

“I do like him in press. He can run, he can press, he has good hips… I think he is an outside guy (corner) right now.”

“You have to take risks to make plays, so I think you have to play with a lot of confidence to take those risks, and that is what I see with Forbes. That is the thing I like about him most. Playmaker who takes risks.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire