Chris Cooley film review of Commanders’ DB Mike Sainristil

Chris Cooley was asked by Kevin Sheehan to perform a film evaluation of four Commanders’ draft choices.

Cooley appeared on Sheehan’s podcast episodes on Thursday and Friday with those film reviews (Johnny Newton, Mike Sainristil, Luke McCaffrey, Brandon Coleman).

The former Redskins’ tight end and color analyst on the team’s radio broadcast really likes the Commanders’ choice of Michigan slot corner Mike Sainristil.

Here are some selected quotes from Cooley’s film breakdown:

“He’s an awesome athlete: great feet, great hips.”

“To me, he’s a smart zone cover guy. He does a great job getting depth in his drops, reads the eyes of the quarterback very well. He’s capable and able to drive on the football.”

“I think he does an excellent job finding the ball in coverage; he does a really good job playing the ball.”

“He’s not a P.I. guy; he’s well-trained, technically very good. He has great hands; had six interceptions, two were pick-sixes.

“He’s a really good tackler, a consistent tackler…he can be very physical as well…he was a big-time blitz guy for Michigan.”

“He is what Scot McCloughan would have called ‘a football player.’ I was super impressed.”

“Some of my concerns? His ability to play man coverage; his ability to press and then run and play man coverage. But they are drafting a man that fits them perfectly in what they want.”

“He can be over-aggressive in attacking receivers in their routes; double moves could be a problem potentially. At times, you see him taking risks, and it paying off…the risk/reward on some of this is big time.”

I think he is a big-time football player for them. I think he is going to be really helpful.”

It’s easy to see why Nick Saban would say that (“best pound-for-pound player in the draft“)… He’s a really versatile dude…really good at shedding blocks in space and getting off of blocks.”

“He has a really good understanding of football. I am sure Mike Sainristil is going to be a good football player. He is worth the second-round draft pick. I am sure of it.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire