Chris Cooley: Commanders rookie OL Brandon Coleman ‘a project’

“I don’t know what I see.”

That was how Chris Cooley began his discussion with Kevin Sheehan, Thursday, during his film review of Commanders’ rookie offensive tackle, Brandon Coleman.

Here are some selected quotes from Cooley’s film review:

“He looks very athletic on the field.”

“34-inch vertical leap at the Combine. That is pretty amazing for a dude that weighs 350 pounds.”

“I see him as a really adequate pass protector…Good hands, good punch. He is hard to get around. He gets his arms extended. He has good feet, does a good job keeping his feet square at the line of scrimmage.”

“He has great range as a puller. He is explosive; he can run.”

“He played a lot of guard at the Senior Bowl. So many have projected him as a guard…Good thing is he can do both in a pinch (guard and tackle).”

“I think he plays high, really upright, tall. He has a tendency to bend at the waist. I think this is where he gets in the most trouble. It hurts him with his change of direction.”

“He is a position blocker in the run game. He is not a physical run-game blocker. He is not Trent Williams. He is going to try to get in, get his hands on you, and get his ___ where he doesn’t want the defender to go. He is going to try to quick and turn. I hate that.”

“He stops his feet on contact; he is not a physical power-driving guy…and he gets beat a lot in the run game.”

“I’d like to see him do a better job of finishing blocks…I’m concerned about his ability to sustain blocks, especially in space.”

“So, Coleman is a project.”

“He’s an athlete. He has a ton of innate athletic ability. He is a very good understanding of how to pass protect. But in terms of being an every down, get-it-done type of guy, there are going to be a lot of positions they put him in, and he is going to struggle.”

“You can’t put him at left tackle and run behind him. That is not a thing that is going to happen…I think he has some situations he has to improve in quite a bit.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire