Chris Broussard slams Kevin Durant over trade request: ‘The move of a follower’

The short-lived Big Three era in Brooklyn seems to be over before it began in earnest, as Kevin Durant put in a trade request on Thursday, sending shockwaves around the NBA.

Durant reportedly prefers to land in either Miami or Phoenix – both title-ready contenders – but the Nets will be looking to receive the best trade package they can.

Durant was putting up MVP-caliber numbers this season for the Nets before injuries derailed his campaign, but the superstar also had to deal with myriad off-court issues, as a disgruntled James Harden forced his way out of Brooklyn while Kyrie Irving missed the majority of the season.

Still, as Chris Broussard argues, this is exactly the time that someone like Durant needs to lead a franchise through turbulent times and back to glory. Instead, Durant is intent on skipping town to a team ready to win, a move he’s already pulled earlier in his career.

“In this entire foolish scenario, this entire disaster, the one guy that was looking good was Kevin Durant.

Kyrie Irving looked delusional, Steve Nash looked overmatched, Sean Marks looked toothless, Ben Simmons looked spineless. The one guy that was doing what he was supposed to do was Kevin Durant.

And I think now he’s thrown that all out of the window. Any good will he had garnered is gone now because this is the move of a runner, and the move of a follower, not the move of a leader.

When the Nets need somebody to step up and lead and take charge, Kevin Durant is bailing – just like he bailed on Oklahoma City when times got tough. Just like he bailed on Golden State when Draymond Green yelled at him and Bob Myers teased him. He is bailing again.”


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Story originally appeared on Nets Wire