Chris Bosh’s son sure seems to know how to relax and enjoy his summer (Photo)

It's 65 degrees and overcast in my slice of Brooklyn, N.Y., this afternoon, and while I'm not exactly a sucker for waterfront lounging — we Irish tend to crisp up with too much direct exposure to that evil ball of gas in the sky — I'm finding it hard not to be envious of just how relaxed young Jackson Bosh, the young son of Miami Heat forward/center Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne, seems to be on his summer vacation:

"He thinks he has it rough," Dad says. I mean, yeah — you try reading "The Way and the Power: Secrets of Japanese Strategy" by Fredrick J. Lovret before you turn 15 months old. Cut the kid some slack, Chris. Geez.

We're not sure exactly where the shot was taken, but we do know that what Adrienne Bosh has termed (for easy social media following, doy) the #BoshFamilyWorldTour has already hit Spain, India and Italy, which is an awful lot of traveling for a little guy. No wonder he decided to take advantage of the peaceful, chilled-out atmosphere provided by the clear sky, the mountains and the water and just conk out on that lounge chair. Now all he needs is for his 24/7 personal hotel DJ to crank up some lullabies and he'll be all set. (Everyone associated with the Heat gets one, right?)

Hat-tip to FTW.

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