Chris Bosh jumps off boat, rages against the dying of the #BoshFamilyWorldTour (Video)

Four things about this:

1. These are elemental, fundamental truths of life: No vacation can last forever, nothing gold can stay and it is best to yell things and jump off boats whenever possible. Each one, teach one. Good work on spreading important knowledge, Chris Bosh.

2. "BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPS BACK-TO-BACK JUMPS" seems like a really fun thing to yell. I'd do it, but I'd wake up the cat laying to my left right now. Also, I am not still basking in the afterglow of consecutive championships as a member of the Miami Heat, so it'd be really out of place. Still, if the situation was more appropriate, I'd be in there like probably-very-stylish-but-seemingly-a-little-too-short swimwear.

3. That is only one jump, Chris Bosh. Check the sign.

4. "Chill out, Dad. Tryin' to catch some rays over here." — Jackson Bosh, probably.

Hat-tip to Surya Fernandez of Hot Hot Hoops.

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