Chris Bosh interested in coaching

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While former Heat championship teammate Dwyane Wade has moved into ownership with the Utah Jazz, and while LeBron James, the other Big Three member who was part of those Heat teams that advanced to four consecutive NBA Finals at the start of last decade, appears destined for further entrepreneurial endeavors after his career, Bosh said he would not summarily rule out a potential coaching role. Just not at the moment. “I don’t want to put any closure on it,” Bosh said. “Some sort of front-office or coaching situation, I don’t want to throw dirt on it and say, ‘that’s it.’ All I will say that right now I’m concentrating on being a father, and raising these children.”

Source: Ira Winderman @ South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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“One day, if I have time, if I have more free time on my hands, I would definitely consider some of those things, with the right situation ” Bosh said, laughing about how former Heat teammate Udonis Haslem, the team’s current captain, has said he will have nothing to do with coaching after his career. In some ways, Bosh said he already considers himself a life coach, having this year authored a book, Letters to a Young Athlete, that essentially is a treatise on his emergence to Hall of Famer and a tribute to the guidance of those who set him on the course. -via South Florida Sun-Sentinel / September 9, 2021

“Being able to write out these things, write out those ideas, but most importantly help young athletes and everyone everywhere, that’s kind of what I’m trying to go for,” he said. “So I definitely want to motivate every generation out there and the generations to come.” -via South Florida Sun-Sentinel / September 9, 2021