Chris Bosh’s dunk comes after the halftime buzzer in Game 4, doesn’t count (Video)

Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh has had a very frustrating NBA Finals, getting many open shots and failing to make a satisfactory number of them for various reasons. In the first half of Thursday night's Game 4, Bosh managed to find his way into the paint a little more than he had in the first three games of this series. His first-half line of eight points and four rebounds wasn't overwhelming, but it does show that he might be finding his way into this series.

On the other hand, getting involved in the interior may have earned Bosh his most embarrassing moment of the 2013 postseason. With three seconds remaining in the first half and the score tied at 49-49, Bosh took the ball on the left elbow and got Tim Duncan to bite on a pump fake, thereby opening up a lane to the hoop. Naturally, Bosh took it and looked to have an open look at a basket that would have given the Heat a two-point halftime lead. Except, instead of going up for a lay-in that would have allowed him to get the shot off before the buzzer, Bosh exploded for a powerful two-handed slam. He finished it, of course, but not in time to beat the horn. Oh, and as you can see from this GIF, he was basically eye-level with the red lights that informed him of his mistake:

Bosh has been a consistent target of derision for most of his Heat career, and this moment certainly isn't going to help matters. It was more than a little reminiscent of the classic video game NBA Jam, in which players would freeze in mid-air if they failed to get their acrobatic dunks off in time (via @RadTattoosCorp). Unfortunately for Bosh, he won't be able to hit the reset button on this one.