Chris Bosh appears to have the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy on his slippers

More and more NBA players (and, apparently, coaches) have become fixtures at major fashion industry events like New York Fashion Week in recent years, but few have shown themselves to be as committed to clothing as Chris Bosh. As he has in each of the past two years, the Miami Heat big man made the New York scene last week, appearing at the spring 2013 showcases of Lacoste (alongside Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries), Tommy Hilfiger (alongside, um, Tommy Hilfiger) and Duckie Brown (alongside wife Adrienne Bosh), to name just a few, sporting dapper looks at each stop along the way.

In recognition of Bosh's strong weeklong showing,'s Ben Ferrari featured the 6-foot-11 forward in a Fashion Week photo journal highlighting "the daily wardrobe wizardry of New York's sharpest show-goers." And like another famous traveler who once had a run-in with a wizard, Bosh wore some fancy slippers for the shoot — ones that appear to have the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy stitched onto them, in celebration of the Heat's 2011-12 NBA championship win.

Ferrari didn't include any detail shots of the shoes, so it's difficult to say for sure, but unless the newly minted champ's also a really big fan of giant golden limited edition Charlie Brown PEZ dispensers, the O'Brien seems like the most likely match for the design element on Bosh's comfy kicks.

We've seen special edition sneakers celebrating titles before — to wit, the NBA championship player edition of Dwyane Wade's signature Jordan Fly Wade 2 EV — but trophy-adorned slippers seem like a new gentlemanly frontier, indeed. In describing his style to Ferrari, Bosh noted his interest in subtle notes of swag:

"My style is definitely a happy medium between dressy and comfortable. You want to look good, and it's my business to look professional. There's a time for cool pieces, though, so I try to sneak in as many as possible. Definitely don't want to be too serious."

Championship slippers definitely seem to check both the "sneaky cool piece" and "not too serious" boxes, so, well played, Mr. Bosh.

Plus, if the Heat crash and burn in seasons ahead, never to contend for titles again, Bosh can always put away his slippers. It's going to be way harder for Jason Terry to get away from his O'Brien-related tributes. Maybe new Boston Celtics teammate Rajon Rondo can use his GQ hookup to give JET some pointers on more tastefully appointed and simply ditched showoff moves down the line.

Something tells me Terry might not be receptive to the idea of being "understated," though, so this could open the door to the famously boisterous shooting guard rocking a gold jumpsuit with a massive Mr. Met-style basketball head and Goldust-esque face paint during postgame press conferences. I guess we'll have to wait until the start of the regular season to know for sure, but we should all keep our fingers crossed in the meantime.

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