Chris Bosh announces retirement

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Chris Bosh hasn’t played in the NBA in more than three years. It has been nearly that long since it became clear it’d be unsafe for him to continue playing basketball.

But despite multiple blood-clot issues that required blood thinners, Bosh talked of coming back. A lot. A lot, a lot, a lot.

Now, Bosh has finally given that up.

Bosh on The Bill Simmons Podcast:

I’m retired now.

Honestly, this is a relief. The idea of Bosh playing somewhere and disaster striking due to his medical condition was downright scary.

Bosh always seemed well-prepared for retirement. He earned a lot of money. He’s smart and personable. He has interests outside of basketball. But he proves leaving the competition of professional sports can be difficult for anyone.

I think he’ll adapt, though.

He definitely did as a player.

Bosh is a surefire Hall of Famer. He made 11 All-Star teams in 13 seasons. He made the All-NBA second team with the Raptors then won two championships with the Heat. Miami will retire his jersey next month.

Playing with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Heat, Bosh accepted a complementary role. He focused on defense and spacing the floor, and his selflessness was instrumental in Miami’s titles. Teams quickly sought to emulate the Heat’s style with a stretch big.

Bosh became part of Miami’s big three only after Carmelo Anthony took a longer rookie-scale extension and missed 2010 free agency, and that Heat trio played just four seasons together. But that group changed the NBA in terms of player power and the notion of super teams. Bosh’s subtle contributions helped LeBron and Wade build legacies as all-time greats.

We should remember Bosh’s greatness, too.