Chipotle and David Dobrik want TikTokers to create their own menu item

Chipotle and David Dobrik, two TikTok powerhouses in their own right, have a challenge for the internet. The task: Design your own, custom Chipotle order for a chance to get it added to the restaurant’s real-life menu. Oh, and you also get $10,000. The giveaway, called the Chipotle Royalty Contest, is simple. TikTokers can enter by creating a video describing their go-to custom order at the chain. Then, Dobrik will pick his three favorite videos. The winners will be announced on Nov. 20, and from the looks of it, . Dobrik will have a lot of videos to comb through. There are more than 13,000 comments on his announcement video alone. Videos are being judged not only on the deliciousness of the order but also the creativity of the TikTok