China's LPL becomes first region to abolish relegation and implement a franchising system in League of Legends

The 2016 LPL logo (lolesports)
The 2016 LPL logo (lolesports)

According to the official lolesports Weibo account and Chinese media outlet Wanplus, China’s LoL Pro League will become the first region in professional League of Legends to implement franchising.

The previous system of promotion and relegation will be dismantled in favor of the 12 existing teams currently in the LPL. This will increase to 14 in 2018, and possibly 20 in the future. The LoL Secondary Pro League and TGA will merge into one.

Also in the LPL’s future is a city-based system, with home and away games. This will start with three to five cities in 2018.

Most recently, Vici Gaming and Game Talents were relegated from the LPL. Joining the 2017 LPL Summer are DAN Gaming.

Special thanks to Bryan Yu from Wanplus and Sheng Yi .

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