China passes law to cut homework pressure on students

China's Communist Party is once again extending a paternal hand over Chinese society.

On Saturday, Beijing passed an education law that seeks to cut the 'twin pressures' of homework and off-site tutoring in core subjects.

Details of the law's passing were reported in Chinese state media.

It says the legislation makes local governments responsible for ensuring that pressure on children is reduced.

The law asks parents to arrange their children's time to account for reasonable rest and exercise, and to avoid them overusing the internet.

China's parliament is also considering legislation that would punish parents if their children exhibit what it regards as "very bad behaviour" or commit crimes.

The new law is just the latest example of Beijing’s increasing influence over the lives of its citizens - from tackling online gaming addiction to clamping down on the "blind" worship of internet celebrities.

In recent months, the education ministry has limited gaming hours for minors, allowing them to play online for one hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.