Chiefs WR Xavier Worthy embraces DeSean Jackson comparisons, playing weight goals

The many rookies under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs are getting their first taste of NFL life. The rookie minicamp is the first look at draft selections and undrafted talent trying to carve out a spot on the roster.

Chiefs first-round selection Xavier Worthy understands the high career expectations and many DeSan Jackson comparisons he’s received as he addressed reporters on the first day of rookie minicamp.

“Yeah, just as with punt return, his ability to make a play after the catch, and how he understood the leverage for deeper outs,” Worthy said of the similarities between his game and Jackson’s. “I feel like he had really good leverage, and I think he has the record for the longest touchdown.”

Worthy has a well-known track background and has always had a smaller frame than most of the league’s receivers. He is proud to say that hasn’t been an issue and that he has no problem unleashing force on potential tacklers.

“I was 169 [pounds]. I don’t think I took [hits] because I delivered them,” said Worthy. “I feel like it’s not gonna be a problem. I feel like just understanding your strengths and your weaknesses. I feel like that’s the big thing in the league.

“Don’t… try to hit a 215-pound linebacker. So, understanding your way and your strengths, as I said, D-Jax came into the league at 169 and understood his strengths. So just using your strengths to your strength.”

Worthy stood out in Texas because of his fantastic speed and ball skills. He reminded media members about his goal of playing weight by the time the regular season begins: “I play around the 175-170 (pounds) range,” said Worthy, “I’d be fine.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid had plenty of success with Jackson while with the Philadelphia Eagles, so he is well aware of Worthy’s potential to bring the team success for years to come.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire