Chiefs WR Rashee Rice distributes food and water in the community

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to work hard during OTAs, as players voluntarily work out in preparation for the new season. Rashee Rice is among the many players getting extra work during the offseason while dealing with a tumultuous few months since Super Bowl LVIII.

Rice made another offseason decision this week. He gave back to the local community by distributing free pizza and water. The kind gesture was filmed and posted on his Instagram account, supporting those in need before summer.

“It’s your boy Double R.. We’re out here giving out some water and some pizza in the summertime,” said Rice in the video. “Everybody’s got to eat, you know what I’m saying, it’s great weather. Let’s do it.”

Rice is still facing the fallout from his involvement in the six-car accident on March 30 in Dallas that left at least one person injured. According to Dallas police, he faces eight felony charges — six for a collision involving bodily injury, one for a collision involving serious bodily injury, and another for aggravated assault. He is potentially avoiding any charges stemming from a nightclub incident last month, according to a report from ESPN.

The second-year receiver shows humility following the accident as he tries to move forward in his career and life.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire