Chiefs TE Travis Kelce encourages NFL rookies to find a role

The 2023 offseason of Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce is already one for the record books, and the summer hasn’t even started. His many endeavors have continued to elevate his status outside of football while maintaining his supremacy and prestige amongst the younger players joining the league.

The NFL draft has come and gone with the league welcoming a new class of players. The Kelce brothers have earned many accolades in their historic careers but know that some of their lessons learned can be passed down to the next generation. On the latest episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis, the Chiefs All-Pro offered helpful advice to the incoming rookie class.

“Rookie advice, man,” Kelce began. “The biggest thing that I see year in and year out is, everybody wants to be that star player. The guy that comes in and just kind of like, immediately gets all the plays called for him all the opportunities to be great. And that’s not necessarily how it works in the league. I mean, if you’re a first-round draft pick, that’s one thing, but for the most part, guys are gonna have to come in and find a role. I was the same way I was the number two tight end for like my two, my first two, three years. And I had to come in and help out the team wherever I possibly could. So special teams, I was in every special team meeting, you know, I was going to every single meeting, or I was going to the tight end room. Afterward, I’m going up to the quarterbacks just trying to get a better understanding of, you know, timing and things like that.”

Kelce’s rookie season was immediately cut short after being drafted in 2013, playing only one snap before suffering a knee injury and having surgery. He understood the road to where he is now wouldn’t be easy, so he made the most of his opportunities.

“I’m listening, soaking every bit of knowledge that I possibly can just to try and find a role on the team, and everybody is going to have to do that,” said Kelce. “So rookies, man. Come in there with big dreams, big hopes that you know, I mean, you’re gonna be that household name. But at the same time, the task at hand is that you got to help this team right now when and sometimes that means you just got to find a role on the offense or defense or wherever you’re playing.”

Kelce has rarely missed a game during his NFL career while maintaining elite production on the field. Plenty of talented prospects were drafted last week in Kansas City, but it will be the maturity, patience, and determination that will make or break the next star.

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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire