Chiefs reportedly to play in Germany in ’23, ‘24

Mike Florio and Peter King explain why it’s such a big deal for the Chiefs reportedly to play in Germany the next two seasons against the Bears and Panthers.

Video Transcript

[JOHN DENVER, "TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS"] Sky. Misty taste of moonshine, teardrops in my eyes.

MIKE FLORIO: I love Germany. Germany singing "Country Roads" last year during that epic Buccaneers-Seahawks, first game ever in Munich. And, Peter King, there's going to be more big-time football in Germany and big-time names next year, 2023, and reportedly 2024. We knew the Chiefs were going this year.

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The German newspaper "Bild" reports that there will be a Chiefs game also in Germany in 2024, Frankfurt in '23, Munich in '24. Reportedly, the Bears are the opponents this year. So maybe somebody will make the trip from Kankakee over to see the game. And the Panthers will be the opponent next year. And as you've said before, this is a huge deal.

PETER KING: I would not be very happy if I were a Carolina Panthers fan and I heard that my only shot at seeing Patrick Mahomes in the first 15 years of his career, the only shot was going to be played in Germany and not in Charlotte.

MIKE FLORIO: Well, the planes fly from Charlotte to Europe. If you really want to go to the game, you can go see the Panthers. You can see Bryce Young and you can see Patrick Mahomes in Munich coming up in 2024. But it just shows you the commitment, Peter, what a big deal Germany is. And maybe they'll have a team one of these days. Hopefully, you and I will both be around to cover it when it happens.