Chiefs' Rashee Rice admits involvement in high-speed Lamborghini crash in Dallas

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice has admitted to his involvement in a high-speed sports car crash in Dallas over the weekend. File Photo by David Tulis/UPI

April 4 (UPI) -- Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice has apologized and admitted fault for his involvement in a high-speed, six-vehicle crash in Dallas over the weekend, his lawyer said Thursday.

Rice apologized to those affected in the incident and said he takes "full responsibility for my part in this matter."

Rice posted his apology on Instagram, the first time he has commented publicly on the incident.

"Today I met with Dallas PD investigators regarding Saturday's accident," the post said. "I take full responsibility for my part in this matter and will continue to cooperate with the necessary authorities. I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted in Saturday's accident."

Rice's attorney, Royce West, said during an afternoon press conference that Rice has answered questions from Dallas police, including whether he was directly involved.

"Mr. Rice acknowledged that he was driving the Lamborghini, that was the question that was asked," West said. "He responded to that. That he was driving the Lamborghini."

West, who is also a Democratic state senator whose district includes part of the Dallas area, said during a media briefing Thursday his client is 23-years-old and should not be judged based on one incident.

He said Rice intends to compensate the victims involved in the crash for their injuries and any property damage he may have caused.

"But for the grace of God, someone could have been injured, I mean, seriously injured. He understands that and appreciates it," West said of Rice.

"That's why he wanted to come out and say that he's going to be responsible for making certain the victims are made whole as best possible," West added.

The Chiefs have not made an official statement about the incident, but team President Mark Donovan told radio station KCMO, of Kansas City, Mo., the club is watching for developments.

"In all these situations you have to wait until you have all the facts and, frankly, we don't have all the facts at this point," Donovan said. "The one comforting fact that we do have is that there was a multi-car crash in Texas, in Dallas. And fortunately, it doesn't appear that anyone was hurt and we should be grateful for that. We'll get to the bottom of it. We'll gather the facts and will react accordingly."

Witnesses and victims are still being interviewed, Dallas police said.

The crash involved the Lamborghini and a Corvette, and occupants in both those cars fled the scene afterward, police said.

Dallas police responded to a section of the North Dallas Expressway at 6:25 p.m. Saturday after the crash that was "a chain reaction collision involving four other vehicles."

"The occupants of the Lamborghini and the Corvette all ran from the scene without stopping to determine if anyone needed medical help or providing their information," police told the Dallas Morning News.

Two people were treated at the scene, and two others were taken to a local hospital, police added.

Police said the driver of the Lamborghini veered onto the shoulder and hit the expressway's median wall. A lawyer for a Dallas-based luxury car company said the Lamborghini was leased from The Classic Lifestyle.