Chiefs-Raiders on Sunday will be last NFL game on a baseball infield

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

For most of the NFL’s 100 seasons, some NFL teams have shared stadiums with Major League Baseball teams, which means some games are played on dirt infields. That all comes to an end on Sunday.

The Raiders are the last NFL team sharing a stadium with a baseball team, and this is their last season playing on the same field as the Oakland Athletics. Sunday’s home game against the Chiefs will be the Raiders’ last game in Oakland during baseball season, and therefore the NFL’s last game on a baseball infield.

After Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, the Raiders are on the road Weeks 3-4, have a “home” game in London Week 5, their bye Week 6 and on the road Weeks 7-8. By the time they play in Oakland again, Week 9, baseball season is over.

Players have never liked having to play on dirt, and NFL teams don’t like having to share their stadium with MLB teams. On Sunday the NFL will forever say good riddance to the days of playing on baseball fields.

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