Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ workouts with his trainer helped him avoid injury in AFC Championship Game

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has dealt with his fair share of injuries during his career, including problems with his ankle in last year’s Super Bowl. He is credited for his high tolerance to pain in being able to stay in the lineup, but the reigning league MVP has openly praised the preparation from his trainer, Bobby Stroupe.

Mahomes opened up to reporters at Thursday’s press conference about avoiding a potential knee injury during last Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens due in large part to the training he got from Stroupe.

“So I think he showed that for everybody, but that was really directed towards me because I hate doing all that stuff,” Mahomes explained. “Every time he does, I’m like, why am I doing this stretch right now and everything like that? And then he gets an opportunity like that, where he shows me he’s like, see, this is why we do it.

“So now that’ll be a staple in every workout I do. We try to prepare for everything. He’s done a great job of adapting and learning from stuff that I’ve done in my career and prepared me for those moments to keep myself as healthy as I possibly can.”

Stroupe works with other Chief players, including defensive lineman George Karlaftis and many athletes in different sports. The team hopes to get key players back on the field before the trip to Las Vegas.

“They always say the best ability is availability, and you want to be out there, and lucky enough for us, so far, knock on wood,” said Mahomes. “We’ve been able to have a lot of healthy guys out there, and we want to play our best football in the Super Bowl. And so we’re gonna try to do.”

Stroupe released a video on his X account detailing Mahomes’ workout routine mixed with his avoiding the injury against Baltimore. The hard work is paying off, and Mahomes noted that he may not enjoy the process but appreciates the results.

“He always gets me doing stuff I don’t want to do, and I know he wants the best for me, so I’ll do it,” Mahomes continued. “But, there [are] definitely some times where I’m like, man, we’re on to ours or working out like let me go up and go upstairs and just and just hang out, and so it’s a he pushes me every single day.”

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire