Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes sums up the solar eclipse in one word

The world is amazed by the rare sight of a solar eclipse that occurred Monday afternoon. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was one of the millions witnessing history as his family moment was recorded.

The NFL’s official X account reposted the video of Mahomes and his daughter, Sterling Skye, watching the eclipse. His wife, Brittany, shot the video, capturing the wholesome moment along with the QB’s surprised reaction. The reigning Super Bowl MVP and his daughter were wearing protective eyewear during the process.

“Dang” was all that Mahomes could say to describe the historic moment. Many in the media labeled Monday’s event the Great North American Eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, concealing the Sun’s image for anyone watching on Earth.

The continental US isn’t expected to see another total solar eclipse until 2044 and 2045. There is a low chance that Mahomes will still be playing around the time of the next one, but Chiefs fans hope there could be more Super Bowl titles before then.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire