Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes gives his reason for why Tom Brady was so great

Why was Tom Brady so great? Patrick Mahomes gives interesting take originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Tom Brady has finally called it quits.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback officially retired, "for good" this time, in a social media video released Wednesday. The decision closes one of the great careers in the history of sports.

The 45-year-old quarterback won six Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots and one more with the Bucs. He also holds many league records from his 23 years as a pro.

Will Tom Brady end career as a Patriot after announcing retirement?

Brady didn't have the strongest arm or the most athleticism, and he wasn't always surrounded by numerous Hall of Famers on offense his whole career like some other legendary quarterbacks.

So, what made Brady so great for so long?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes gave his take Tuesday during an interview with FOX Sports 1's "First Things First" show.

"He has the Jordan in him -- that will to win and that will to be the best," Mahomes explained. "I think that's what makes Tom so great. Even though he might not have the best arm or the best mobility, he's still really good at both of those things and moving within the pocket and arm strength. And then his will to bring his teammates along is special. And his will to be great and be the best is special.

"That's something that whenever I talk to Tom I try to learn as much as possible. He's more than willing to give me some advice, which I think is pretty cool because he is the GOAT and someone I want to try and chase. But I know it's a long ways away for me and I have to just continue to win football games."

It's difficult to imagine any quarterback breaking Brady's record for the most Super Bowl wins by a single player with seven. Some of his passing records will be hard to break, too.

But if there's one player with a chance -- even a slight one -- to break some of these Brady records, it's probably Mahomes. He has reached the AFC Championship Game in all five seasons that he's been Kansas City's starting quarterback. And in two weeks, he'll try to win his second Super Bowl title.

Like Mahomes said, he's got a long way to go before approaching Brady's level, but you cannot deny he's at least off to a pretty good start.