Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes says he had hands-on approach to his new coffee drink

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was approached a few years back about investing in a new iced coffee brand, but one that had a twist.

Michael Fedele, who had worked at Powerade and BodyArmour, envisioned a healthy version of coffee. The result of the work by Fedele and Mahomes was Throne Sport Coffee, which was released last week.

Mahomes wore a T-shirt with the company’s name on it during interviews Wednesday in Kansas City and on FS1’s “First Things First.”

“I was actually taste testing it for a year and a half ago now,” Mahomes said on FS1. “And we came up with a great product that has either one or eight grams of sugar depending on the flavor, and amino acids, vitamin B and 150 milligrams of natural caffeine, so something that I drink on a daily basis. Now I can have a healthy version of it.”

Mahomes told reporters in Kansas City that he is conscious about the business partnerships he makes. Oh, and as an avid coffee drinker, having this new product might help cut back on the jokes about his physique.

“I always do stuff that I believe in,” Mahomes said. “And the sports coffee thing happen really naturally where I love coffee. I drink it a lot, but I don’t like to put sugar in it. I don’t like to put all the added stuff in there. So I wanted to find a healthier version so I can help my body, not have that ‘dad bod.’

“And so the biggest thing is doing stuff that you really invest in. I did this from a very early part of it. I got to sample it and try to get my tweaks.”