Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes is having another magical season | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon, Andy Behrens and Charles McDonald explain why the Kansas City QB is the best player in the NFL this season.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: We'll move on, though, to Jaguars at Chiefs. Charles, what have we got in this game?

CHARLES MCDONALD: Woof. I think we're getting a masterclass from the most underrated player in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes.

MATT HARMON: That's right, man. Yeah.


CHARLES MCDONALD: The dumbest take that I've had on Twitter, but it gets people upset, so I keep going with it.

MATT HARMON: You were ahead of the curve on that one. You found a sleeper. You put your brand to him. That's good stuff there. That's good marketing. That's how you ended up-- I mean, I'm pretty sure that's how Yahoo discovered you.

CHARLES MCDONALD: He's ballsy, right? He had the nerve to call Patrick Mahomes the most underrated player in the NFL. After I saw him number eight on the NFL Top 100, I said, oh, underrated. Most underrated player in the league right there.

But really, what we're seeing this year with the Chiefs is-- I think Patrick Mahomes, he's kind of entered that Peyton Manning era or level where you're like, as long as we have 15 under center, we're good. We're going to figure out some way to win. I mean, even last week against the Titans, it wasn't the cleanest performance from him, but they still figured out a way to get it done.

And I think what's been so impressive to me is as the season has gone along, you're starting to see the Chiefs have plans for these wide receivers that have filled the Tyreek Hill target vacuum. Whether it's JuJu going off or MVS picking his spots once in a while, I think that this offense, they have a lot of ways to attack you.

And I'm not really sure if this Jaguars defense is quite up to this task yet. I think they have potential in the future. Travon Walker, if you can get him to be a more consistent pass rusher, you might have something there. Tyson Campbell looks like a stud. But as a whole, they don't quite have the personnel to slow down who I believe to be the best quarterback in the NFL.

ANDY BEHRENS: You know what I think is wild about Mahomes's arrival at a fairly young age at that Peyton Manning level is people are just kind of talking around him in the MVP race, right? If you see mainstream outlets talking about who's the MVP this year, it's Jalen Hurts, it's Tua, it's Geno. There's a whole bunch of names. Patrick Mahomes leads the NFL in passing yards and passing touchdowns and is an actual sorcerer, right? It's wild that he's not leading that discussion to me.

MATT HARMON: Teammate elevator too. I mean, these guys-- I think JuJu is fine, but he's the only guy I would say is even an average starting receiver in this offense. They're at the point, too, where Mecole Hardman has an abdominal injury, hasn't practiced for two straight days. I'm like, oh, man, that's a-- he's been a key player for them so far this year.

I wonder if this opens up the room for Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore. And it's like, we're talking about Mecole Hardman, bro. Give me a break. This has legitimately been like a teammate-elevating season for Mahomes. It's why I think he probably is the MVP favorite at this point.

And, I mean, the takes were out there, man, when people were all gassed up-- myself included, although I didn't say this thing. But I was gassed up about the AFC West. Everybody was gassed up about the AFC West. There were folks out there like, oh, man, might the Chiefs finish fourth in this division without Tyreek Hill? And it's like, come on, man.

CHARLES MCDONALD: OK, that's where--

MATT HARMON: No, they're not.

CHARLES MCDONALD: That's where the Mahomes underrated take came from too. I'm like, you guys are severely underrating how good that guy is if you think the Chiefs are going to be anywhere near fourth in the division.

MATT HARMON: People have such a difficult time separating good players from good players. It's like, well, who made who, Patrick Mahomes or Tyreek Hill? It's like, well, shoot, man, they can both be good at football and be all right without each other.