Chiefs' Mecole Hardman embraces 'Jet' nickname, arrives at Super Bowl in full flight gear

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Around midseason, Kansas City Chiefs rookie Mecole Hardman started hearing a nickname attached to him that was befitting of his elite speed.

Folks were calling Hardman “Jet” after a few big plays against the Green Bay Packers. The name stuck.

His rare speed translated to six receiving touchdowns and a 20.7-yard average, and it might only be rivaled league-wide by teammate Tyreek Hill.

As Hardman and the Chiefs arrived at Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, he put on an absolutely fabulous runway show to honor that nickname.

Check out Hardman decked out in full flight gear, clearly ready for takeoff:

That’s got to be several hundred dollars’ worth of commitment to the nickname, which is hard not to appreciate. The fly boys had to hat tip their honorary brother for that effort.

This flyover might actually trump what happens just before kickoff.

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