Chiefs, Lions were among NFL leaders in scoring drive percentage in 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs will face the Detroit Lions in the first game of the NFL’s 2023 regular season on Thursday. Both teams face high expectations heading into their new campaigns, and each was among the league’s leaders in one key stat last year; scoring drive percentage.

This metric measures the rate at which a team comes away with points on their offensive possessions and is a key indicator of efficiency. Kansas City had the best mark in the NFL at 46.4 percent while the Lions lagged behind in third place at 43.2 percent, according to Pro Football Focus.

Both of these teams feature high-end offensive talent that should prove to make them contenders in their respective conferences this season, and their ability to score consistently on Thursday will likely decide the outcome of their Week 1 tilt.

Keep your eye on the stat sheet during their matchup at Arrowhead Stadium tomorrow, and don’t be surprised if the team that leads the game in this metric emerges victorious.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire