Chiefs HC Andy Reid reflects on his 10 years in Kansas City

Lost in what has been an eventful and difficult week around the NFL, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid celebrated the tenth anniversary of his hiring in Kansas City on Wednesday, January 4th.

On Thursday, Reid was asked to reflect on his time in Kansas City and his initial response was exactly what you’d expect.

“I’ve never eaten as much barbeque,” Reid joked. “And I’m coming out of the 10 years still loving every bite I’ve taken.

“Listen, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The Hunts are a phenomenal family to work for, and I mean you guys (media) are included in all that. That part’s been a pleasure. You don’t get a chance to really relax and enjoy that, you’re moving forward and that’s kind of where we’re at on this week.”

In the 10 seasons prior to his arrival, the Chiefs were 68-92 in the regular season and 0-3 in the playoffs. In the 10 seasons since his arrival, Kansas City has enjoyed A 116-45 regular season record and a 9-7 record in the postseason including the team’s win in Super Bowl LIV. He ushered in an era of success that this franchise had seldom seen.

What does Reid credit as the key to his success? Certainly, nothing of his own doing. He says the key is people — good people.

“Being around good people, I think,” Reid said. “We had great ownership in Philadelphia (and) great ownership here. It starts at the top and we’ve all had a piece of it, so you guys have seen it firsthand. Everybody’s contributed. That’s the important thing, good people. That’s players included, so I mean players (and) coaches.”

Asked what advice he’d give to an NFL head coach starting out, Reid perfectly encapsulated what he’s brought to Kansas City these past 10 years.

“Yeah, do what you can do,” Reid said. “Hard work is always part of it. Honesty is part of it. Having good people that you’re working with, so you help take a little bit of load off of each other’s back is important.”


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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire