Chiefs had eight games among top 50 most-watched U.S. TV broadcasts of 2022

The NFL remains king in the United States television broadcasting world and the Kansas City Chiefs remain one of the most-watched teams.

With 2022 coming to an end, broadcast networks and Nielsen have released their year-end data. According to Sportico’s Anthony Crupi, 82 of the 100 most-watched programs on TV in 2022 were NFL games, including 19 of the top 20. The Chiefs ranked eight games in the top 50 most-watched TV broadcasts of 2022. Only the Dallas Cowboys (10) and Los Angeles Rams (9) had more games that ranked in the top 50.

Here’s the full list of Chiefs games in the top 50 and where they rank:

  • 3. Chiefs vs. Bengals – AFC Championship Game

  • 4. Chiefs vs. Bills – Divisional round

  • 14. Chiefs vs. Steelers – AFC wild-card round

  • 23. Chiefs vs. Bills – Week 6, 2022 regular season

  • 30. Chiefs vs. Bengals – Week 13, 2022 regular season

  • 32. Chiefs vs. Rams – Week 12, 2022 regular season

  • 39. Chiefs vs. 49ers – Week 7, 2022 regular season

  • 43. Chiefs vs. Bucs – Week 4, Sunday Night Football

It’s pretty remarkable that the NFL has such a stranglehold over TV broadcasts in the United States, but it’s even more impressive that the Chiefs and star QB Patrick Mahomes continue to capture the attention of the football-watching world. Rest assured that their upcoming playoff matchup in the divisional round (and any ensuing playoff game) will rank highly among TV broadcasts as 2023 gets underway.


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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire