Chiefs GM Brett Veach on trading with AFC rivals: ‘Asking prices are a tick higher’

The Kansas City Chiefs’ success over the past few seasons has been partly due to decisions the team has made in the offseason. Their front office, led by general manager Brett Veach, has found ways to reshape the roster around its stars to maintain its supremacy, and the rest of the league has taken notice.

During a press conference on Friday, Veach spoke openly about the Chiefs’ mindset heading into the draft next week and revealed that doing business with every team in the league isn’t easy due to Kansas City’s status as Super Bowl champions.

“I think that if it can benefit them (another team), I think they’re always going to pick up the phone and call and be willing to work,” Veach explained. “I don’t think a team will diminish their ability to do something they really want to do just because it’s the Chiefs.

“I do think that the ability to deal with certain teams it’s always been understood that if you’re going to deal with the team in your division, there’s a little bit more of a premium. Still, I think just some of the AFC teams, in general, that are consistent playoff performers.”

The Chiefs have consistently had battles with rivals in the AFC on their way to three titles over the last five years. Veach understands that other teams take caution to avoid adding to Kansas City’s dominance in the offseason.

“The Buffalo (Bills) and the Cincinnati Bengals and [the] Baltimore (Ravens), it’s probably a little bit harder to deal with those teams,” Veach continued. “Even if they pick up the phone, I think some of their asking prices are a tick higher. So I think we get hit with a little more interest. I think that there’s always a way to make a deal, but I think certain teams will probably up the price a little bit.”

Kansas City’s dynasty will be remembered for the fantastic players that Veach and his staff have brought in over the years, and the classic games that have been won due to the Chiefs’ exceptional foresight in roster construction.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire