Chiefs GM Brett Veach calls QB Patrick Mahomes ‘a blessing’ for the franchise

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to their fourth Super Bowl in five seasons, adding another exciting chapter to the team’s growing dynasty. It was a triumphant moment for everyone involved with the franchise, especially in the front office, making decisions for the personnel on the field.

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach is often praised and criticized weekly for the team’s performance, considering he is one of the architects of the roster. He handles it well daily but doesn’t appreciate spectators or opponents not having faith in his franchise quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Veach spoke about his appreciation for Mahomes being the face of the franchise during the AFC Championship postgame press conference.

“It’s a blessing that he’s part of this organization. He’s the best, and I try to describe a player like him because of everything he does,” said Veach. “He gives everyone that belief and hope that doesn’t matter what the odds are and where we’re playing and where we’re going. If we have ’15’ (Patrick Mahomes) under center, we have a shot. So it’s really hard to explain someone that good, but he’s the best.”

Mahomes shredded the Baltimore secondary mainly in the first half, finishing the game 30-39 for 241 yards and a touchdown, securing his fourth trip to the Super Bowl. During the postseason, various forms of criticism have been thrown at the reigning league MVP regarding his lack of experience in road games and other picky moments that Veach doesn’t understand.

“I’m not sure why anyone would do that and throw shade at him like that because he’s gonna give you his best shot anyway.” said Veach, “So there’s no need to poke the bear. But if they want to do it, we certainly appreciate it.”

The Chiefs will seek back-to-back Super Bowl titles in two weeks in Las Vegas as they remember being in this position during the 2020 season. The result at that time was falling short to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but they went into this contest knowing they would genuinely have a neutral field.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire