Chiefs' general manager Brett Veach shares how team stuck together through adversity

Jan. 30—The Kansas City Chiefs are in the midst of doing something not seen often in the NFL, as they're heading to their fourth Super Bowl in five seasons. While quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid will take the blame for a loss, another person that gets thrown under the bus is Chiefs' General Manager Brett Veach.

Being one of the architects of the roster, Veach is crucial in the Chiefs' success.

"Quick thanks to Clark Hunt and his amazing family for trusting in our vision and giving us all the things we need," Veach said. "Mark Donovan and his staff are just amazing. A blessing to work with this coaching staff and you know, the credit goes to all the players."

While it's hard to say Veach has been consistent in his wide receiver picks, he has done a lot for the team this season defensively in free agency. He was able to add defensive end Charles Omenihu, linebacker Drue Tranquill, and safety Mike Edwards.

The best part of Veach being able to have the ability to pull those players to Kansas City is how much money he was able to save. From a cash standpoint, the Chiefs didn't have to spend much in relation to the work these free agents have produced.

Omenihu is the 41st-highest-paid defensive lineman in the league and the Tranquill-Edwards duo is around the same price tag as other duo's in the league.

"We're always trying to get Pat (Mahomes) offensive help and I mean no matter what people think or say, and it was a unique free agency and wasn't a lot to choose from and then you're picking last in the draft," Veach said. "We invested in some veteran defensive players."

While the team, more specifically the offense, had to go through adversity in drop passes and trust among each other, the team found their stride as soon as the playoffs hit. In the midst of that Christmas day loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, their fifth in eight games, Veach commented on how it allowed the team to figure out their identity and move forward.

"A big reason why we're here tonight is because of that Vegas game. You know, sometimes, the worst things that happen to you or in your season turn out to be the best thing, that loss, I think, really hit us and you know, I think it allowed the whole organization to take a look in the mirror," Veach said. "I really point to that game as one of, you know, really being one of the key motivating factors to just get everyone dialed in here."

Besides the talent Veach has brought in, he also mentioned the intense training camps that take place right here in St. Joseph that led to team success and bonding.

"I mean, we've been blessed and fortunate to have long seasons," Veach said. "As everyone knows, coach runs an extremely tough training camp and so there is a little bit of that, but these guys, it pays off in the end because when you play your most important football, these guys are just so hard and so tough."

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