Chiefs DE Felix Anudike-Uzomah intends to make most of opportunity to live out his dream

By now, everyone knows that first-round draft pick Felix Anudike-Uzomah grew up a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Even before football was his sport of choice, he was watching the Matt Cassel-era Chiefs on television with the rest of the local population in Kansas City. He’d go on to play football at Lee’s Summit High School, and he even initially played the running back position because he idolized Jamaal Charles.

“I remember I (wore jersey number) 25 because I wanted to be (a running back),” Anudike-Uzomah said. “At the time I was a running back, so I wanted to be a running back just like Jamaal Charles.”

He confirmed to reporters that he’s getting an opportunity to live out was has been a childhood dream.

“Obviously, if you’re a Chiefs fan, especially a Chiefs fan growing up, you always have the dream of playing for the Kansas City Chiefs,” Anudike-Uzomah said. “That’s every young boy’s dream is to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. So, other than that, I’m happy to be and I’m honored to be able to fulfill the dream that a lot of people around Kansas City, Missouri, have a dream of.”

While Anudike-Uzomah’s excitement was palpable, there was also a level of seriousness and responsibility in this undertaking. He’s getting to live out a dream that many athletes have and he intends to make sure he doesn’t waste his opportunity.

“It’s breathtaking really, I’m not going to lie to you on that,” Anudike-Uzomah said. “Coming here, just to see that I’m actually playing for the Kansas City Chiefs is just a dream come true. Now that I’m here I’ve actually got to put in the work and actually prove myself.”

That opportunity starts with rookie minicamp this weekend. Even though Anudike-Uzomah is seemingly unable to participate in team drills due to an injury, he’s focused on learning the playbook and scheme.

“To start off now, I just want to learn the playbook and I just want to be present and learn from the guys that already won a Super Bowl. And if I have the opportunity to play or (to) start, anything like that, I’ll be gladly appreciative. But as of right now, I want to work on learning the playbook and work on getting tips from the older guys.”

If Anudike-Uzomah puts in the work, he knows that the next time he attends a Super Bowl parade, he’ll be a member of the team and not a fan in the crowd.

“I’ve got to put the work in so I can actually (make the team),” Anudike-Uzomah said. “For me, I still haven’t made the team until I put in the work and impress the coaches. After that period. Yes, I’m fan, now it’s time to go to work and try to win another Super Bowl.”

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Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire