Chiefs fans share thoughts and concerns after KC’s 27-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals

Jeff Dean/AP

This was an all-too-familiar result for the Chiefs.

Sunday’s defeat in Cincinnati marked three losses for the Chiefs at the hands of the Bengals in 2022.

All three contests have been decided by three points, including the AFC Championship Game in January.

The Chiefs will lament many moments from Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Bengals. Travis Kelce fumbled with the Chiefs leading by four points, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was sacked, forcing KC to try a 55-yard field goal, which Harrison Butker missed and the defense couldn’t get a stop at th end.

Cincinnati ran out the clock, leaving Chiefs fans frustrated at how the game unfolded. Here is a small snapshot of what they were saying on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

A fan on Reddit wrote: “Ya know, I’d really like to stop losing to the Bengals.”

Another shared this: “Launch Orlando Brown into the sun. A LT worth a damn doesn’t get his drum beat by a backup Edge on 3rd down late in the game.”

A fan on Facebook shared this: “We made mistakes and it cost us. Keep striving to be better. Enough said”

Another wrote: “Just hope Patrick is ok ,Travis don’t worry seen what happened you are all still great KC great”

A Reddit user wrote: “EVERYTHING broke right for Cinci to barely win at home.”

“The crazy part is the bengals got pressure with 3 and dropping 8 guys into coverage….. we pretty much always rushed 5… so burrow had more time throwing into a coverage with less guys, that won’t cut it,” another wrote.

A Facebook fan wrote: “The bills and the bengals have to play each other and Miami has another bills game. Still a good chance to host AFC Championship AGAIN!!!”

This was also from Facebook: “Lots of mistakes to barely lose. Any one of them changed and we probably win. Move forward. We are still a good football team.”

“It’s Brady vs Manning and Mahomes is Manning,” a fan shared on Reddit.

Another penned this: “I don’t get it, but the Bengals have our number. Yea maybe a couple questionable calls early on, but that’s not an excuse. Our inability to generate pressure and sustain drives is what lost us the game, not two bad penalties at the start of the game.”