Chiefs fan shares story on receiving Patrick Mahomes’ draft card in 2017 NFL Draft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One year ago this week, Kansas City welcomed hundreds of thousands of NFL fans for one of the their premiere events: The Draft.

It’s a place where dreams come true, and sometimes, there’s an unexpected player who makes a splash.

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Well, it’s NFL Draft week again, this time though, the league is showcasing its future talents in the Motor City, Detroit.

But even with the mega-event nearly 800 miles away, it will always be a very special time and bring back a very special memory for one member of the Chiefs Kingdom.

His name is Darin Hurd, and he’s sharing his story that’s etched in Chiefs history for the first time ever.

Everyone remembers the moment Patrick Mahomes II was drafted. A moment that will go down in Chiefs history books.

Imagine if you were the one person, a part of that very moment. Hurd, from Springfield, Missouri, doesn’t have to worry about imagining being a part of that, because he was there.

“I have something that can’t be bought, and it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said.

He has the video and the draft card to prove it, but please let’s rewind for just a second.

Hurd, a lifelong fan and member of the Kingdom Reward points, participated in the team’s auction in 2017. The draft package was an item to be bid on, and at the last second, he put all of his points in.

“I asked my wife, I said, ‘hey, I think I might have a chance at this, do you want to go with me?'” he recalled.

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She would say no, but minutes later, he would find out the all-in gamble paid off.

“Sure enough, about 15 minutes later I got an email saying, ‘congratulations, you won a trip to the draft,'” Hurd described.

So, like that, he and a friend headed to the Philadelphia.

Charged with handing the jersey to Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Chiefs would trade up from 28 to 10, so his call to the stage was quicker than anticipated.

He walked out and then walked back with a moment and a draft card to cherish for a lifetime.

“Roger said, ‘looks like your guy isn’t here, looks like you get an extra souvenir. Want me to sign it?'” I was like sure,” Hurd said.

The question now is would he sell the draft card that’s signed not only by the commissioner, but by Mahomes himself.

“I would consider seven figures, but it would have to be the right person. There’s one person that’s always going to have first opportunity to purchase it,” Hurd said.

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I’m sure you know who that person is. Patrick Mahomes, you’re on notice.

Hurd calls the moment insane, surreal and we can assure you that the diehard fan doesn’t just keep that in his home. It’s in a safe place, to say the least.

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