Chiefs fan gets gross with Patrick Mahomes ketchup support ahead of Rams matchup

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/30123/" data-ylk="slk:Patrick Mahomes">Patrick Mahomes</a> is teaching Chiefs fans poor food habits. (Getty)
Patrick Mahomes is teaching Chiefs fans poor food habits. (Getty)

Last week, we learned of the Patrick Mahomes character flaw that endorses ketchup on steak.

Later we learned that this repulsive habit extends to mac and cheese.

“I don’t think it’s that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese,” Mahomes said of ketchup. “People seem to think that’s a weird thing, some people think that’s disgusting, but it’s good to me.”

The revelation led to a challenge for a lifetime supply of ketchup from Heinz.

Ketchup sandwich, anyone?

And now it’s prompted Chiefs fans to pick up bad habits from their sports hero. Yahoo Sports caught up with a group of Kansas City fans ahead of Monday’s big game against the Los Angeles Rams ready to demonstrate their love for their team at any cost.

From fans of the city that slathers pork ribs in sweet sauce and calls it barbecue, we present the ketchup sandwich.

Charles Barkley famously said in the ’90s that being an athlete did not make him a role model.

The same can now safely be said about Mahomes this decade.

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