Chiefs DT Chris Jones preaches accountability, believes offense will improve

The Kansas City Chiefs’ loss on Monday night to the Philadelphia Eagles was indicative of the faults of the team’s offense. Another week of second-half struggles while the defense kept the team in the game with big plays.

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones recorded two sacks on Monday as he continues his All-Pro play this season. During his post-game press conference, he addressed many critics’ concerns about the offense struggling and players taking accountability for mistakes.

“I’m pretty sure they will pick it out. And then we got a lot of young guys, and like I said, a lot of self-reflecting right now, man, being accountable. That goes around, we got trust in those guys,” Jones said. “We got a lot of playmakers on this team, especially offensive-wise. So I think we’ll continue to improve throughout the year. Improve this week, mental errors, whatever it may be. I think that’d be the point of emphasis this week, and we’re gonna try to get it going next week.”

The offense is ranked last in the league in the second half, scoring a far cry from the exceptional efforts of past seasons. Jones reiterated to reporters the importance of the team’s upcoming week preparing for the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I think it has to be voiced, and the point of emphasis of the week, during the team meeting, you kind of want to establish that,” said Jones, “What’s the point of emphasis of this week? I think accountability would be one of them.”

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire