Chiefs DC Steve Spagnuolo reflects on experience in Germany as an NFL Europe coach

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to Frankfurt, Germany, for the Week 9 battle with the Miami Dolphins. The trip will be a new experience for many traveling but very familiar for one of their coaches.

Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo served in the same role for the former NFL Europe team, the Frankfurt Galaxy, in 1998. Spagnuolo reflected on his experience in the now-defunct league and playing in Germany during Thursday’s press conference.

“I had an old windbreaker button-down jacket; I used to have one of those that was purple because we were purple,” Spagnuolo explained. “I think there was a little goal. Yes, something sprinkled in there. Great uniforms. That was a tremendous experience. I loved it. We ended up going to the World Bowl, which was in Frankfurt that year; the Berlin Fire beat us.

“You always remember when you get beat, right? But it was a great atmosphere. The people there. The game was exciting. They cheer constantly. You can’t tell if you did good or bad because they’re always cheering, which is great. They’re really into it. It was it was a great experience. I wish I could find that jacket.”

A reporter mentioned that Travis Kelce has an old Jersey from the team in his locker as Soagnuolo smiled and responded, “Well, Travis can come up with things.”

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire