Chiefs Dave Toub hints at DB Justin Reid being utilized for kickoff duties

The offseason meetings, which involve tweaks to increase excitement in the NFL, are a normal annual occurrence. The Kansas City Chiefs and the other 31 teams are handling the most glaring change, the new kickoff format, which will start in 2024.

During Thursday’s press conference, Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub shared a possible plan to adjust the kickoff strategy with the new rule changes.

“I’d like to have someone who can go back and make a tackle. Butker’s able to make a tackle, but I really don’t want him making tackles all year long,” said Toub, creating a theory that Justin Reid could be handling more kicking duties this season.

The XFL, now known as the UFL since merging with the USFL, popularized the new kickoff format starting this season. The spring football concept has provided thrilling action and guarantees a return because the ball must fall into a landing zone.

“If you watch the XFL and watch every play, I bet kickers were involved in about 25-40 percent of the tackles,” said Toub. “Trying to make a guy bounce back, make the tackle itself, or just missing a tackle. We don’t want Butker in those situations.”

Reid notably filled in for an injured Butker in the opening game of the 2022 season, so he has experience in different forms of kicking.

“He will be a kicker. He will be a guy we use in certain situations,” Toub explained. “Justin (Reid) can cover, and he can kick, and he can go down there and make tackles. He’s an extra guy they are probably not accounting for; they know that guy can come down and tackle, but Justin’s a guy you have to worry about and get him blocked.”

The unknown surrounding this rule change will make preseason reps stand out more for special teams as everyone tries to adjust effectively.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire